Just a girl who loves fashion and the environment.

Hello and welcome to my shop!

I'm a Kenyan girl living in Toronto. I've always loved fashion and my friends have credited me for having "the eye".

Growing up in Kenya, my friends and I loved buying second-hand clothing that came from the West through the help of aid agencies. Being the fashion obsessed girls we were, we would sort through mountains of plastic wrapped pre-loved (mostly cheap) fashion items looking to find pieces that would showcase our individual style. What did we know about the climate crisis?

Well, in 2017, approximately $173 million in worn or used clothing was exported from Canada to countries around the world; a third of that export making its way to Africa. In 2018, Kenya imported close to $21 million in second hand clothing from Canada. What happens to these mostly cheap textiles? Unfortunately, these textiles depress local markets and still end up in a Kenyan landfill.

My goal is to bring awareness to this and encourage sustainable shopping practices. I started in my personal wardrobe and I'm hoping to touch yours too. For this reason, I keep a small stock and aim to only restock when I make a sale.

In my shop you will find versatile, timeless, made-to-last pieces I lovingly curate and that will stay in your closet for years to come!

Thank you for your support.